Work session at the symposium marking 100 years of the discovery of Lactobacillus bulgaricus
Official opening ceremony of the international symposium, "Sheraton" hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005
Participants in the symposium
Participants in the symposium
Poster session

On Original Bulgarian Yogurt
25 - 27 May 2005, Sofia

  In 2005 with the initiative of Dr Stamen Grigorov Foundation Bulgarian scientific society celebrated the 100 anniversary of the Lactobacillus bulgaricus Grigoroff discovering realisin an International Symposium on the Original Bulgarian kisselo mliako (yogurt) held on 25 - 27 May 2005 in Sofia under the patronage of Georgi Parvanov - president of Republic of Bulgaria. the topics and the discussions were related to the historical and modern achievements in the the field of physiology, biochemistry, genetics, taxonomy of the lactic acid bacteria, with the starter cultures, technology of Bulgarian kisselo mliako, with probiotics in modern nutrition, in prophylaxis and treatment of contemporary diseases.
  In the symposium took part famous scientists - microbiologistata from Italy, France, Japan, Russia, The Netherlands, Macedonia, wtc. Form Bulgarian part scientific presentations made scientist form the Institute of Microbiology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 'St Kliment Ohridski' Sofia University, Medical University - Sofia, University of Food Technology - Plovdiv, Medical University - Varna, The Centre for science, development and production 'LB Bulgaricum', etc.


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