Dr Stamen Grigorov Foundation is a non-profit organization with specific tasks and was established in 1996 under initiative of and will of Dr Stamen Grigorov relatives and family.
  The Foundation is an independent non-political non-governmental organization.
  To achieve its main aims it collaborates with other sister and similar formations, different governmental and industrial organizations as well as interested physical and juridical bodies in the country and abroad.
  For ten years now the main activities of the Foundation have been related to the microbiology and art by means of organization and realization of courses, consultations, plenaries, symposiums, conferences; organization and realization of specific scientific forums, exhibitions, musical and literature days, etc.

General Art Exhibition - painting, ceramics, plastics

Valentin Angelov

Art exhibition

General Art Exhibition - painting, ceramics, plastics

Spring's motives

General Art Exhibition - painting, ceramics, plastics


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